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23 September 2006 @ 11:19 pm
JLPT Study Group 23-sep-2006  
i really had such a great time with our study group today. we initially planned our study at Sun Plaza's Mos burger. However, there was a sign at the restaurant discouraging students studying there. Also, the table space was rather small. we then wanted to move to library but found that it wasn't possible too.

finally, we landed up at Sun Plaza's Macdonalds. The table we had was really great. One table was able to occupy 8 of us and we had an overflow of 2 to another table.

Really thanks for such a wonderful turnout. All of us get along so well. There was so much fun and motivation studying together. Thanks to Yukie-San who has been so kind & nice to help and teach us! Thanks for all who came all the way to Sembawang! To me that's a lot of effort and support - such an encouragement to me.

i learnt alot today. one of which was, yesterday was just talking with Sharyn about the word Otaku, and today i found out the new meaning for it. all of us had fun teasing Peter, using him as illustration for sentence construction. And he's so nice to stimulate it further. hahaha..

We studied till about 7pm and went over to Northpoint for dinner at Sakura. There, we had a great time joking, laughing while having nice dinner & dessert.

next time must really get camera and take our group in action!

Many thanks to aLL who was present at tonight's study group! You're just great!!!